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Sep 09: Talking Cities, Transformation and Micromobility with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Julia Thayne Demordaunt// Micromobility

Aug 26: A micromobility performing car – Marcus Li from Eli// Micromobility

Aug 18: A family focused micromobility offering – the wonderful story of Whee! With founder Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid// Micromobility

Aug 05: The incredible economics of Last Mile Micromobility Delivery with Adam BArmby, founder of EAV// Micromobility

July 27: Lawrence Leuschner – The Tale of TIER// Micromobility

July 14: How tilting unlocks micromobility for the mainstream - the story of Nimbus with CEO Lihang Nong//Micromobility

July 04: Harness Creativity and the Power of Shared Mobility, with Sandra Phillips//The Smart Community Podcast

June 08: Designing iconic ebikes - Job Stehmann, Chief Product Officer at Vanmoof// Micromobility

June 02: Avinash Rugoobur of Arrival// Autonocast

May 30: RAMPing heavy micromobility with Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto// Micromobility

May 25: How Carmel, Indiana Became the "Roundabout Capital of the United States"// ITE Talks Transportation

May 19: Quinn Wallace explains why universal basic mobility will help save the planet// Between the Lines - a TDM podcast powered by Commutifi

May 02: A full stack electric motorbike and battery swapping solution in Rwanda! - Ampersand// Micromobility

Apr 29: Shifting Mobility Patterns and How to Emerge Stronger// The Transit Authority

Mar 22: Tall Stories 299: South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata// The Urbanist

Mar 17: The tale of Cowboy with founder Tanguy Goretti// Micromobility

Mar 17: Dame Sarah Storey// Streets Ahead

Mar 3: Episode 132: The story of Gogoro and Battery Swapping with CEO and founder Horace Luke// Micromobility

Feb 26: Episode 131: The story of Bird with CEO Travis VanderZanden and Horace Dediu// Micromobility

Feb 02: Episode 130: Revisiting the Exploding demand for Delivery Worker Micromobility with Mina Nada of Zoomo// Micromobility


Dec 29: Episode 129: A Modicum of Transport with Horace Dediu// Micromobility

Dec 16: Integrated Transport in Nottingham// Streets Ahead

Dec 15: Episode 128: What COP26 Missed with Horace Dediu// Micromobility

Dec 02: On Demand Microtransit taking off in Sarasota, Florida// Transit Unplugged

Nov 30: Epsiode 127: Talking about the Vanmoof V and proprietary supply chains with Ties Carlier// Micromobility

Nov 20: Episode 126: The Global Moped Sharing Report 2021 update with Enrico Howe and Alex Gmelin of INVERS// Micromobility

Nov 13: Episode 125: The future of shared micromobility with Ben Bear, CEO of Spin// Micromobility

Nov 10: Bringing public transit to a transit desert in the desert--MJ Maynard and RTC of Southern Nevada// Transit Unplugged

Nov 08: Episode 124: Dance: an ebike built for subscription with CEO Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss// Micromobility
Oct 30: Epsiode 123: Andrew Yang and the future of politics, transport and micromobility// Micromobility

Oct 13: Episode 122: The urbanist-micromobility conversation with Gabe Klein// The Micromobility Podcast

Oct 09: Episode 237: Autonocast On The Move//Autonocast

Oct 04: 121: Micromobility in the Middle East and Asia Jaideep Dhanoa of Fenix (ex Circ and Grab) // Micromobility

Sep 25: PlanningxChange 83 with Adam Cohen - Micromobility Toolkit // PlanningXChange

Sep 25: MF027: Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Mikromobilität (German language) // Mobilitätsfunk

Sep 15: #120: The Mobility Disruption Framework with Olaf Sakkers // Micromobility

Sep 08: David Bruffy and Mountain Line Transit Giving People What They're Asking For: More Transit // The Transit Unplugged Podcast

Aug 24: 118: China’s automobility, micromobility and more with Michael Dunne from Zozogo/Winning in Asia // Micromobility

Aug 19: [To nejlepší z archivu] Magická kombinace podruhé aneb Mikromobilita a veřejné finance // Urban Caast (Czech)

Aug 17: [To nejlepší z archivu] Magická kombinace aneb Elektrokolo // Urban Caast (Czech)

Aug 10: Episode 95: Mondays at The Overhead Wire - Moving at the Speed of Congress // Talking Headways

Aug 04: 117: The most micro of micromobility - the Onewheel founder, Kyle Doerksen // Micromobility

Jul 24: 19: Uprostřed a zároveň mimo // Urban Caast (Czech)

Jul 09: 116: Lessons from the first Micromobility IPO with Erdem Ovacik, CEO of Donkey Republic // Micromobility // The Micromobility Podcast — Micromobility Industries

Jul 06: E53: An Interview with Peter Deppe and a Conversation about Kuhmute // The Parking Podcast // The Parking Podcast (parkingcast.com)

Jun 30: MF020: Operative Herausforderungen im On-Demand Ride-Pooling // Mobilitätsfunk // Mobilitätsfunk - Der Podcast über vernetzte Mobilität (mobilitaetsfunk.de)

Jun 10: 122 Life Finds a Way with Benjie de la Peña // The Movement // The Movement Podcast | TransLoc

May 17: The Brains Behind Shared Mobility — Greg Lindsay chats with INVERS CEO Alex Kirn // FAST FORWARD // The Brains Behind Shared Mobility — Greg Lindsay chats with INVERS CEO Alex Kirn von Fast Forward, Presented by CoMotion | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud

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