Participatory Transformation of Avenida América in Trujillo, Peru

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The challenge

The city of Trujillo lacks an efficient mass transport system : 70% of bus stops are missing, congestion and accidents are rampant, and transport operators do not comply with service times. Although most people in Trujillo walk and commute in public transport, NMT infrastructure and quality of public space is deficient.

The pilot

The project will prepare the introduction of a formal integrated transport system (SITT) and create high quality spaces for intermodality and non-motorized-transport by transforming one of its most important avenues through a series of technological, operational, spatial and social interventions. The project aims at Implementation of smart bus stops, new technology to track buses in real time, changing passenger disembarkation and improving public space around bus stops on the Avenue.

Participatory Transformation of Avenida América supported by


GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

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