New Podcasts

New podcasts

24 June: Seeing cities from the sky//Monocle 24: The Urbanist

25 June: Tesla Cybertruck update, Enhanced Autopilot, Tesla VPP, Cadillac Lyriq preview, more//Electrek | Electrek

25 June: Milan-shaped Conversation with Janette Sadik-Khan//The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

27 June: 12 years of repetition | PLUS Podcast//The PLUS Podcast by The Fully Charged Show

27 June: Moving Beyond the Pilot - Embedding Smart Communities, with: Laura Baker, Nathaniel Mason, James Peet and Rory Brown//The Smart Community Podcast

28 June: Postman’s Park, London//Monocle 24: The Urbanist

29 June: 5G FWA Update: Connecting Next Half Billion Households//The Counterpoint Podcast

29 June: Rob McInerney, International Road Assessment Program – Improving Global Roadway Safety with the Safe System Approach//ITE Talks Transportation

29 June: Sam Morrissey -- Urban Movement Labs//Transit Unplugged

29 June: Tesla is a Fraud with Ed Niedermeyer//The War on Cars

29 June: Laurin Hahn, Sono Motors – 99//Leaders in Cleantech

29 June: Die letzte Meile mit der Seilbahn//Mobilitätsfunk

29 June: The Future of Business//The Global Safety Podcast

30 June: What is Micromobility and why does it matter? (2022 edition) with Horace Dediu//Micromobility

30 June: Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 27//The Smart Community Podcast

30 June: A Tour of Canadian Transit//Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

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