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TUMIVolt will support the City of Lviv in developing an integrated E-Mobility Plan to support the city’s vision of reducing the air and noise pollution in the city by 20% and increasing the use of electric public transport by 40 % by 2025.

The pilot

The city of Lviv in Ukraine is located in the Western part of the country, close to the border with Poland. Lviv’s city structure is typical of European cities. It is more or less compact and dense, with a radial structure and a clear organization and hierarchy of streets, well-distributed functions and mostly self-sufficient neighbourhoods.

The agglomeration of Lviv has up to 1 million inhabitants (including 725 thousand of Lviv residents). According to the data of mobile operators, 150,000 residents from other settlements commute to and from Lviv on a daily basis. Public transport is the main type of transportation in Lviv. Over 50% of residents use it on a daily basis. While many trips in the city are undertaken by Marshrutkas (Minibusses) the city also operates Tram lines and Trolleybusses.

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2022 European Mobility Week in Lviv

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (EMW) is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. This year’s European Mobility Week took place in almost 3.000 cities in 51 countries all around Europe.

Despite the ongoing war, 5 Ukrainian cities took part in the initiative. In Lviv, participants were able to enjoy a variety of activities to promote sustainable urban mobility in the city: thematic city tours, presentations, discussions, quizzes, and workshop opportunities about tactical urbanism.


Lviv EMW

First Stakeholder Meeting in December 2021

Developing an E-Mobility Plan for Lviv

The development of an E-Mobility Plan for Lviv started in August 2021 and is currently planned to be finalized by July 2022. Key of the Lviv E-Mobility Plan is to provide a concept for the implementation of electromobility and mobility from renewable energies as well a an action plan that includes use cases for Lviv by 2035. The E-Mobility Plan thereby considers public transport, municipal fleets, and mobility hubs as much as private electric transprt, light mobility and e-cargo bikes. Different levels of city administration are involved in the development of the plan, such as the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Street Infrastructure, the Department for Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure, the City Institute, Investment office as well as the City Council Deputy. Additionally, experts support the stakeholders in the development.

Lviv Electric Mobility Plan WS Dec21

Participants 1 Workshop

Key Findings of the first Workshop

All stakeholders consider electric mobility as an important and promising solution for further sustainable mobility system transformation in Lviv. They are open to active discussion and engagement. The Project team will build on this “credit of trust and inspiration” and use it for close cooperation during the next project's stages.

Some of the key stakeholders limit their consideration of urban e-mobility development by separately focusing on some specific issues, e.g. infrastructure, investments, electric cars production, permission for EV charging point installations etc. These specific ideas could and should be used for the development of e-mobility solutions for Lviv. But on the stage of vision and objectives development, all urban e-mobility core fields requiring improvement need to be considered for the development of coherent and comprehensive strategic orienteers for e-mobility development in the City of Lviv.

The strong support for sustainable mobility development by the City Authorities mitigated the impact of the absence of representatives from the municipal electric transport operator "Lvivelectrotrans" on the stage of vision and objectives identification for an Electromobility Plan for the City of Lviv. To achieve the best result under the planning process, the Project team should try again to engage representatives of ME "Lvivelectrotrans" and involve them into the discussion and participation in the development Lviv e-mobility plan.

Further activities on mobility in Lviv

Find resources and check out what has happened during the last month in Lviv below!

Lessons learned of Lviv's transformative journey

Lviv – From Streets for Cars to Streets for All

In early 2021, the City of Lviv, Ukraine has been selected as the honorable mention recipient of the Sustainable Transport Awards. “Lviv – From Streets for Cars to Streets for All,” a case study report co-produced with TUMI, presents lessons learned of Lviv’s transformative journey.

Lviv’s STA recognition reflects a decades-long process toward reclaiming streets from cars, for people. The journey involved revitalized public transit, new bike infrastructure, pedestrianized spaces, and redesigned “Streets for All.” This case study explains how advocacy galvanized public support and political will toward institutionalizing sustainable transport priorities, resulting in new City departments, plans, and projects. It looks forward as Lviv continues transforming into “a city of short distances”, prioritizing people over cars.

Case Study Lviv STA

Case Study Report Lviv

Ukrainian "Better City" Contest 2021

Lviv best city in the category "Mobility"

The Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction, a Non Profit civil society organization, brings together experts and activists for joint action to protect the environment. Ecoaction has launched the "Better City" - Contest 2021, in which Ukrainian cities can apply to compete against each other in the categories "Air" and "Mobility."

Lviv, together with the city of Chernihiv, won the first prize within the group 250,000+ inhabitants, in the category "Mobility".

In total, the organizers received 33 applications from 27 cities. The evaluation of the cities was based on statistical data (e.g. registration of old cars) and assessments by the city residents (e.g. cycling infrastructure, quality of public transport).

TUMI Pilot Lviv Ekodia competition 202110

Representatives from Lviv - Mykhaylo Lenchuk - City Institute, Lviv; Orest Oleskiv - Head of Transport Office; Marta Pastukh - GIZ TUMIVolt, coordinator of projects in Lviv © Olha Dovbnya

Lviv competition

Lviv and Chernihiv winners in the category 'Mobility' © Olha Dovbnya

Lviv Mobility Research 2021

COVID-19 changed people’s daily life. These changes have also influenced the mobility behavior of citizens: from daily routes to traveling outside their community. The Municipal Institution "City Institute" together with the working group of Lviv's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUTP) conducted a mobility research (Sociological Survey and Modal Split) funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH during the cold season of Lviv in 2021.

Lviv Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)

Since Lviv adopted its SUMP in February 2020 it has set itself on a path of creating a more people-centric city in the next decade.

Soviet Approach VS Urban Planning Approach

What Makes an Ideal City | The Green Line

History of mobility in Lviv by Ex Chief architect Yulian Chaplinskyy

The City of Lviv @ Shared Mobility Rocks 2021

TUMIVolt and the City of Lviv were partnering up with Shared Mobility Rocks, the annual international symposium on shared mobility organised by the Belgian organisations Autodelen.net and Taxistop.

TUMIVolt and the City of Lviv hosted the session 'SUMP of Lviv. Urban transformation'

During 24 hours Autodelen.net and Taxistop locked themselves up in a Belgian studio from where they virtually traveled across the globe. 12 inspiring sessions took place in 10 different international studios in Ghent (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), Leeds (UK), Lima (Peru,) Chicago (US), Melbourne (Australia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Tokyo (Japan), Kampala (Uganda) and Lviv (Ukraine).

More info: www.shared-mobility.rocks/

The City of Lviv receives 2021 STA Honorable Mention

We are pleased that our TUMIVolt partner city Lviv, Ukraine was presented with the Honorable Mention at the 2021 Sustainable Transport Award Ceremony in February.

Read details on Lviv's achievements here: Lviv STA Award 2021

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