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Better Knowledge for Sustainable Mobility

We provide tailormade knowledge for urban leaders, decision makers, planners and students such as publications, events and resource persons. We support political leaders and change makers in their professional environments by providing tailormade capacity building formats, such as trainings, webinars or training publications. To plan and implement sustainable mobility concepts we gather and provide sustainable mobility knowledge like implementation guidelines and establish contacts to colleagues.

Sharing Knowledge is Key

TUMI's knowledge offers aim to build expertise, train people and develop skills for a global urban mobility transition. For many decades, the TUMI partners have provided knowledge and support to sustainable mobility experts and change agents from around the world – here we explain what it is, what we are doing, and what we want to achieve.

TUMI is your Knowledge Provider for Sustainable Mobility


Find your sustainable mobility knowledge publication here.


We offer transport events to the global mobility community.


Together with our partners we created many trainings for you.


With the #MobilizeMinds campaign we advocate for more and better education, trainings and capacity development for sustainable mobility.

TUMI Volt Charging Station

Regular webinars on all things e-mobility to give you the full picture on challenges and opportunities that come with e-mobility solutions.

Tailor-made Offers

Request our support by sending us your knowledge needs. Please include your project timeframe, location, context and potential impact.


Listen to this selection of mobility podcasts!


Watch recordings of a webinar to any mobility topic you can think of!

Gain Knowledge the TUMI Way

Step 1

Tailor-made knowledge solutions based on individual requirements and demands

Step 2

Offering a continuous learning journey blending in online and offline formats in partnership with thought-leading organisations

Step 3

Offering catalytic project-oriented training support

Urban Leaders

capable and equiped with the knowledge to transforming cities with the 2030 Paris Agreement Agenda.

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