Indo-German Virtual Workshop: Innovative charging Technologies for heavy duty Vehicles (IChargeHDV)

The Indo-German virtual Workshop on Innovative Charging Technology for Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) was organized to advance industrial research partnership in catenary truck technology, which is of interest for both the nations. To this end, it provided a platform for policy makers, infrastructure developers, R&D institutes, and leading industry players in road freight transport technology/rolling stock supply. The workshop enabled stakeholders to develop competitive joint knowledge pools and to share already achieved experience in the sector, combined with an overview of strategies to support each other in reducing the GHG emissions and pollutants from road freight transport. The workshop also aimed to enhance the technological partnership between nations by inviting young scientists from Germany and India.

Workshop Presentations

Markus Becker, The German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

  • German eHighway strategy
  • Role of eHighway technology in climate policy
  • Importance of government support in the first phase

Access the presentation here: BMU Perspectives on Electric Road Systems in Germany

Julius Jöhrens, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg

  • Which Technologies to choose for Freight Decarbonization?
  • Technology comparison (efficiency, cost, ...)
  • Fields of action for ERS large-scale implementation
  • Policy conclusions

Access the presentation here: Ifeu - Climate-friendly road transportation - Putting ERS into context

Sharif Qamar, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)

  • Road Freight Scenario in India
  • India Specific Challenges

Access the presentation here: TERI Operation of HD Vs with overhead electric traction on Indian Highways

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Boltze, Institute of Traffic and Transport, Technical University of Darmstadt

  • Why are field trials important?
  • Which stakeholders are involved in ELISA?
  • Focus for future technical research on ERS

Access the presentation here TU Darmstadt Objectives and First Results of the German e Highway Field Test ELISA

Mr. Igor Rudgartser, Autobahn Gmbh

  • Pilot project strech selection
  • Perspective of road authorities
  • Peculiarities of ERS operation (e.g. handling of accidents)
  • Points to observe in the planning procedure
  • Project monitoring & Control (Control centre ?)

Access the presentation here Autobahn Gmb H ELISA e Highway Hessen Pilot Project Management

Ms. Anna Bussmann- Welsch, Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility

  • How can responsibilities for ERS planning, building and operation be organized/allocated?
  • Which kind of regulation can impact / foster ERS implementation?
  • Financing & Billing of ERS

Access the presentation here IKEM E Highways Regulatory Framework

Prof. Dr. Michael Lehmann, University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt - Department of Railway Systems

  • How can we overcome chicken-egg-dilemma?
  • Which decisions regarding standardization / regulation / vehicle design have to be taken at which point in time?
  • How could a migration path towards ERS look like and which role do competing technologies play?

Access the presentation here Erfurt Retroffiting and Migration Strategies for ERS Infrastructures Vehicles

Christer Thorén, Scania

  • Reasoning behind ERS
  • ERS vehicle configurations
  • Systemic ERS benefits from OEMs perspective
  • Potential future markets

Access the presentation here Scania ERS Adaption of Heavy Vehicles at SCANIA

Ms. Kristin Follmann, Institute of Traffic and Transport, Technical University of Darmstadt

  • Feasibility of technology transfer beyond trucks
  • What has to be observed?
  • Application potential / scope of eHighway coaches - need for future research

Access the presentation here TU Darmstadt In Motion Charging Technology Buses Coaches as a part of e Highway system

Patrik Akermann, Siemens

  • Technology Development
  • Test Fields & Trials
  • Market Outlook

Access the presentation here Siemens Catenary Charging Technology ERS

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