Inclusive streets, inclusive communities: Participatory neighborhood street design in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

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The challenge

The streets are inaccessible to citizens of Banjarmasin. This is due in part to a lack of infrastructure, coupled with a lack of awareness by citizens, government agencies or families on options to support on creating an accessible city thru inclusive mobility.

The pilot

Through a citizen-driven process the project aims to raise public awareness of inclusive planning and building the capacity for the community to implement a pilot "inclusive neighborhood" in Pelambuan (in the city of Banjarmasin, Indonesia).The project will focus on mobility options for school aged children and PwD to imporve their access to the city of Banjarmasin. This will be done by addressing mobility services at city level, vehicles as well as citizen and government awareness.

Participatory neighborhood street design in Banjarmasin is supported by


ADB- Asian Development Bank

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