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Inclusive Banjarmasin: Urban Mobility and Accessibility for All

The streets are inaccessible to Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Banjarmasin, partly due to a lack of infrastructure, coupled with a lack of awareness by citizens, government agencies or families. We aim to support the creation of an accessible city with inclusive mobility. Through a citizen-driven process, the project aims to raise public awareness of inclusive planning and building the capacity for the community to implement a pilot in the city of Banjarmasin. A focus on mobility options for school aged children and PwDs will demonstrate that improved access and ability to participate in public life is a benefit for all. Two main pilots will remain that have been adapted to Covid-19 impacts: Improved school zone to ensure improved access and safety at school with a high amount of PwDs and a retrofit program of vehicles (from 2- to 3-wheelers) for PwDs independence and options to earn a living.

The Challenge

Awareness and knowledge of inclusivity and accessibility standards in the planning, design, and implementation of public infrastructures are still lacking in many communities in Indonesia. The city of Banjarmasin continues to be in large parts inaccessible to some citizens and in particular those needing most assistance, namely people with disabilities (PwD). Poor road safety and lacking waste management cause challenges not only for these groups but everyone living in the neighbourhood.

The Pilot

The project is a truly citizen-driven one and has two main goals:

  1. First to raise awareness among the general public of the daily challenges PwDs face in Banjarmasin and the urgent need for inclusive planning.
  2. Second it lays the groundwork in form of a pilot project to implement inclusive mobility solutions for PwDs. The focus lies on mobility options for school aged children and PwD and to improve their access and ability to participate in public life.

Through close cooperation with students and teachers, city officials, academics, practitioners, as well as persons with disabilities, five proposed activities have been developed:

a) Safe and inclusive school zone for children

b) Inclusive mobility as a public service in form of wheelchair-friendly three wheelers

c) Inclusive neighborhoods for both women & youth groups

d) Dedicated facility for waste disposal site

e) Accessible river promenade

Together with our local implementing partner KotaKita the TUMI Challenge project focuses on the implementation of a Safe School Zone, retrofitting of existing two- and three-wheelers to be used by PwDs, and addressing waste management in the neighbourhood.

Intended Impact

Through improved services, awareness and infrastructure projects, all citizens of Banjarmasin will have improved access to innovative mobility solutions. The pilot will take into consideration the needs of the city's most marginalised and underrepresented group, namely PwDs and set the groundwork for future truly inclusive and innovative mobility solutions in Banjarmasin and beyond.

TUMI's approach hopes to provide a sustainable foundation of equal mobility for all.

Achievements so far

A public event was held to receive some design input for the planned interventions

The final technical designs for the school zone have been created and construction will start in May 2021

The location for a neighborhood waste depository was identified and the so-called Green Building was designed. Construction of the building will start in May 2021

Neighborhood recycling issues are solved via participatory workshops and the implementation of neighbourhood organization that will manage the commercial recycling of cooking oil and composting soil for additional household income generation

Difa Bike and the Technical University tested the first portotype of a retro-fitted three-wheeler and started the production of another 9 three-wheelers for the city of Banjarmasin and Yogyakarta

Participatory neighborhood street design in Banjarmasin is supported by


ADB- Asian Development Bank

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