TUMI Challenge Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Get to School Sustainably!

The Challenge

Lack of active mobility choices and a high rate of traffic accidents result in an unsafe urban environment for school children. Providing adequate walking and cycling infrastructure around school facilities is crucial to shift mindsets early. „Get to school sustainably“ is an infrastructure and capacity development project aiming to shift the modal split at Zhytomyr‘s public schools from motorized towards sustainable modes of transport. The pilot mainly targeted (re-)constructing the sidewalks near the school and installing safe cross-walks. Furthermore, bike racks were installed, and guidelines and instructions for cycling to school developed.

The Process

September 2019

Modal split survey of 35 schools and selection of four schools for the pilot project: Veresy Secondary School, Secondary School No8, Zhytomyr Ecological Lyceum No24 and Secondary School No36.

October 2019

Creation of a Mobility Camp with 30 participants consisting of children, parents, teachers and four School Mobility Committees.

November 2019

Assessment of field research and audit of walking infrastructure.

December 2019 - May 2020

Design and Tender of new infrastructure for the four selected schools.

July - September 2020

Construction of 100 new bycicle parking spaces near the schools.

September - October 2020

Realization of four Bicycle Schools with 94 students from grade 1 to grade 11 and nine adults.

December 2020

Installation of digital speed displays to encourage slower driving.

October 2020

Construction of intersections, pedestrian crossings, signs, etc.

May - June 2021

Tactical Urbanism actions in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, near Lyceum №24. About 100 students took part in the art project of beautifying the children's school way and pedestrian area in order to increase the attention of road users. The action lasted more than 10 days. Check out the video here: TUMI Challenge Zhytomyr, Ukraine - Tactical Urbanism Action

The Project

The infrastructure and capacity development project was implemented by the City Development Agency of Zhytomyr. Through the infrastructure improvements near the four selected pilot schools, the basic conditions for active and sustainable modes of transport have been enhanced. Moreover, for a fundamental change in mobility choices and perceptions, the participatory approach and capacity building were essential. Involving and educating children and teachers has ensured that changes are made in accordance with the needs of users, and that sustainable mobility is perceived positively.

Secondary School No. 8

Project outcomes:

  • Unregulated pedestrian crossing with a safety island
  • Road signs and road markings
  • Lightning of the pedestrian crossing
  • Bycicle parking

Zhytomyr Ecological Lyceum No. 24

Project outcomes:

  • Replacement of the old sidewalks: new sidewalk near house No. 107 and new sidewalks
  • New road signs and road markings
  • Lightning of the pedestrian crossing
  • Installation of a radar system to encourage slower driving
  • Bycicle parking spaces

Tactical Urbanism Actions near Lyceum No. 24 (May - June 2021)

Secondary School No. 36

Project outcomes:

  • Unregulated raised pedestrian crossing in front of the school
  • Road signs and road markings
  • Lightning of the pedestrian crossing
  • Bycicle parking
  • Bycicle repair station

Veresy Secondary School

Project outcomes:

  • Narrowing of the intersection near the school
  • Road humps in front of pedestrian crossings
  • Road signs and road markings
  • New sidewalks in the area of the intersection
  • Bycicle parking

Guidelines on 'School Mobility'

These guidelines for 'Improving Safety and Comfort of Students Traveling to School' have been produced in the course of the project "TUMI: Get to School Sustainably'. The guidelines offer a six-step model for creating a sustainable mobility plan for an educational institution with ready-to-use examples as well as ideas and examples for mobility measures.

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