COVID Challenge Cuenca, Ecuador

Emergency bike lanes, safely designed in Cuenca

The City of Cuenca set their sights on creating a leader in sustainable mobility within Ecuador. Their focus on sustainable solutions such as electric mobility in the public transport sector, was expanded at the beginning of corona pandemic.

In Short

Design of safe intersections for cyclists

Support in procurement of bike lane materials to implement designs

Education of local engineers

The challenge

After COVID shocked the world, Cuenca understood the need and benefits of active mobility and knew they needed to push forward with expanding their cycling network. Their short-term goal is to add 30 km of cycling lanes. Through the new cycling infrastructure, Cuenca will move closer towards the goal of a sustainable urban mobility system, as well as a resilient mobility offer for the citizens, in times of crisis and beyond.

The pilot

TUMI will support Cuenca in jointly designing industry standard, international best practice and locally acceptable technical solutions for intersections, segregated bike lanes and traffic calming measures, which will be tested and can be replicated throughout the city for safe cycling in Cuenca.

Intended impact

Improved understanding of cycling design (by Cuenca Engineers, refer to the Cuenca Bike Intersection Peer Review below)

Increased ridership and cyclists´ safety

Cuenca Bike Intersection Peer Review

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