e-Rickshaws as public transport and health service in Singra

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The Project

In Singra in Bangladesh there is a lack of proper public transportation systems within the city. Privately owned, illegal rickshaw updates (electri-faction) led to a safety issue with increasing accidents. The city now promotes e-rickshaws as public and emergency health transport. The project aims to improve the city’s public transportation system as well as the health services and make the streets safer. Singra citizens and municipality will benefit from the new system.

  • Binayak Kumar Chakraborty - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    Binayak Kumar Chakraborty - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    "The planet is warming and sea levels are rising. CO2 is emitted everywhere. It’s essential to take action against climate change. We can save our planet by reducing carbon emissions. TUMI is a great initiative because it not only developsimproved mobility, but it also plays an important role in reducing carbon and in building our capacities across different development sectors, including education and health."

e-Rickshaws in Singra are supported by


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

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