Technology & Raw Materials

  • Climate Protection Strategies, transport sector, Agora Verkehrswende – access here, (EN, DE)
  • Strategies for Ensuring the Availability of Raw Materials to the Electric Vehicle Industry, Agora Verkherswende – access here (EN, DE)
  • Technology Neutrality for Sustainable Transport, Agora Verkehrswende – access here (EN)
  • 12 insights – Transforming Transport to Ensure Tomorrow’s Mobility, Agora Verkehrswende – access here (EN)
  • Life Cycle Analysis of Electric Vehicles: Determining factors and Improvement Potential, Agora Verkherswende – access here (EN, DE)
  • The state-of-the-art on plug-in and full battery EVs, smart charging and V2G charging - 2018, SEEV4-City - access here (EN)


  • Sustainable Electric Mobility: Building Blocks and Policy
    - 2021, Sustainable Mobility for all - access here (EN)
  • Regulatory environment and incentives for using EVs and developing a charging infrastructure, German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy - access here (EN)
  • Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure (How successive governments have planned for infrastructure and provided vehicle grants) - 2021, House of Commons Library - access here (EN)
  • Germany's Charging Infrastructure Masterplan Summary - 2019, German Government - access the summary here & access the masterplan document (DE) here
  • Emobility Communication & Information System Structure, Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität - access here (EN)
  • Electric Mobility Guide for Local & Regional Authorities – access here (EN)
  • The German Standardization Roadmap Electric Mobility - 2020, Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität - access here (EN)
  • Uniform Standards for Charge Points, The Netherlands
    Knowledge Platform Public Charging Infrastructure - access here (EN)
  • Shared E-Scooters: Paving the Road Ahead - 2019, Agoraverkehrswende - access here (EN)
  • Smart Charging Requirements - 2021, Netherlands Nationale Agenda Laadinfrastuur - access here (EN)
  • The Playbook for Zero Emissions Mobility LAC - 2021, ICLEI, TUMI, C40 Cities, Euroclima+, UN Environment Programme, UITP, Race to Zero, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH - access here (EN), (ESP), (PT)
  • Charging Station Ordinance, German Federal Ministry of Justice & Consumer Protection - access here
  • Regulating E-Scooters (overview of the existing legal framework for electric scooters in UK) - 2021, House of Commons Library - access here (EN)

Charging Infrastructure

  • The German National Centre for Charging Infrastructure - 2020, NOW gmbh - access here (EN)
  • What is ISO 15118 - Road Vehicles – Vehicle to grid communication interface? - 2021, Swith - access here (EN)
  • Addressing the different needs for Charging Infrastructure: An Analysis of Some Criteria for Charging Infrastructure Set-up, Fraunhofer ISI – access here (EN)
  • Optimal allocation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in cities and regions, EU Joint Research Centre – access here (EN)
  • Distribution grid planning for a successful energy transition – focus on electric mobility, Agora Verkehrswende – access here (EN, DE)
  • Needs For Interoperability between Electric Vehicles & Electric Power System, COTEVOS Project (EU) – access here (EN)
  • Interoperability Assessment & Electric Vehicles Integration, COTEVOS Project (EU) – access here (EN)
  • E-Mobility getting Smart with Data - 2019, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - access here (EN)
  • The Basics of Plug & Charge - 2021, Switch - access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Barcelona- Strategy To Promote Electric Mobility, Interreg Europe – access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Amsterdam- Strategy to Promote Electric Mobility, City of Amsterdam – access here (EN)
  • 6 Operational Pilots - Vehicle2Business, Vehicle2Home, Vehicle2Neighbourhood, SEEV4-City - access here (EN)
  • Lessons from the Dutch EV Charging Approach - 2021, Guidehouse - access here (EN)

Public Transport

  • Roadmap for Electric Bus Systems, EU Project: ZERO EMISSION URBAN BUS SYSTEM (ZeEUS) – access here (EN)
  • Business Cases for Electric Bus Charging Operations, EU Project: ZERO EMISSION URBAN BUS SYSTEM (ZeEUS) – access here (EN)
  • Pay as you Save (PAYS) for Clean Transport, The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance – access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Accelerating a market transition in Latin America: New Business models for electric bus deployment, P4G Partnerships: Zero Emission Bus Rapid-Deployment Acceleration (ZEBRA) – access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Deployment of Electric Buses in Ahmedabad, India; Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd – access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Electric Buses in Shenzhen, China; World Bank – access here (EN)
  • Case Study: Lessons from electric bus deployments in Santiago de Chile, P4G Partnerships: Zero Emission Bus Rapid-Deployment Acceleration (ZEBRA) – access here (EN)
  • EV City Casebook - 2021, IEA - access here (EN)
  • Handbook of Evaluation methodologies for Electric Bus Systems, EU Project: ZERO EMISSION URBAN BUS SYSTEM (ZeEUS) – access here (EN)
  • Decision Support Tree for E-Bus Introduction, EU Project: ZERO EMISSION URBAN BUS SYSTEM (ZeEUS) – access here (EN)
  • Compilation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIS), EU Project: Fast and Smart Charging Solutions for Full Size Urban Heavy Duty Applications (ASSURED) – access here (EN)
  • Tender Structure for Urban Electric Bus Procurement, EU Project: ZERO EMISSION URBAN BUS SYSTEM (ZeEUS) – access here (EN)
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