COVID Challenge Singra, Bangladesh

E-mobility public transport improvement project

Building resilience of public health and transport services in Singra, which were implemented as part of the TUMI Challenge.

In short

Support of Singra´s transition to sustainable e-mobility

Provision of resilient alternative transport modes

Introduction of formal public transport on the water

The challenge

When public transport was discontinued nationwide, the city continued necessary services with the E-Rikshaws introduced during the TUMI Challenge. The vehicles were used to make 70-80 deliveries of daily necessities and food to the needy every day, several times a month (medical) awareness is raised in all parts of the city through loudspeaker announcements from the vehicles, and Corona patients, medical staff and during the lockdown Corona tests and samples can be transported. At the same time, these services have secured the jobs of the drivers.

The expansion of formal public transport is essential to ensure resilience. For example, formal public transport can continue to operate during a lockdown and, unlike the informal transport sector, is safer and more reliable. In addition, measures such as disinfection, maintaining distance by limiting the number of passengers, and the targeted connection of specific locations to the public transport system are only possible through a strengthened and publicly operated transport system.

The pilot

Improvements to building and charging infrastructure

Introducing e-boats to the flood season as well as sustainable batteries.

Design support for battery swaps and increased range and environmental advantages

Procurement of motors and batteries for boats

Support in creating expertise on lithium ion battery exchanges

Through sector cooperation, also solar installations and charging efficiency improvements will be made

"Confidence on wheels" - a report by akzente Magazine GIZ

Read more in the new article about the e-rickshaws in Singra and the impact those had on the daily life of a small municipality in northern Bangladesh!

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Intended impact

Ensuring the delivery of daily products and medical services to the citizens, and on the other hand guaranteeing for the safe mobility of essential workers on their commute to work. The introduction of electric boats as an addition to the public transport system, will maintain these services throughout the pandemic and the rainy season(s).

As Bangladesh is addressing e-mobility at a national level, Singra can prove that electric transport can be efficiently and effectively led by cities.

The installation of a solar roof will allow for a net-zero on electricity usage (i.e. e-rickshaws using 100% renewable energy)

With the improved mobility options, Singra will be better suited to address future impacts of COVID-19 with a more reliable fleet that is available for use year-round (in rain or shine)

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