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Digital solutions for Public Transport in New Urban Communities, Cairo

Of the 44 new cities outside of Cairo and throughout Egypt overseen by project partner NUCA, some grow by 13% annually, which is why urban mobility is increasingly rising on the agency’s agenda. In consequence, public, private and international actors are already working on expanding public transit by rail and BRT, as well as Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning and improving transit operations.In order to make public transit more attractive in Egypt’s New Cities, the TUMI Challenge project aims to integrate various services digitally, which can provide real-time information and journey planning tools. The new Transport Regulatory Unit (TRU) staff will build an integrated database of transport services.

The Challenge

Home to approximately 20 million people, the Greater Cairo Region is one of the most crowded in the world. Public transport infrastructure has not been able to keep up with demand, while roads are congested. The sector is fragmented and old, with new services unregulated and trip planning difficult, especially in the rapidly growing new cities.

The Pilot

The project plans to increase bus service quality and efficiency via managing traffic data platform and using the insights for improved bus route planning. Following the monitoring of traffic sensors/GPS, the digital map will enable reformed operations and route planning. Through technical workshops and consultancy services, the project will build capacity within the department of technical affairs at New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) to oversee and operate high-quality public transit.

Intended Impact

The project will

a) help NUCA monitor bus operations,

b) improve data-driven bus route planning, and

c) provide real-time information to passengers.

Furthermore, the project activities will build capacity in the transport departments of new cities.


Set-up of technical unit

Kick-off workshops with unit, partners

Preparation of work specifications

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