COVID Challenge Guayaquil, Ecuador

Cycling infrastructure for Guayaquil

The city had no cycling infrastructure at all. With our challenge we want to establish some safe cycling paths to start the cycling revolution in Guayaquil.

In short

Construction of bicycle infrastructure

Support with logistics

The challenge

The city of Guayaquil is the second largest city in the country. Until now, no cycling infrastructure has been built in the city. With the changing circumstances and mobility needs due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this city also recognised the urgent need to expand in this area. The city lacks technical expertise in cycling in particular.

The pilot

Together with CAF, TUMI will support the city in this project with technical advice and procure additional materials to build the infrastructure. The comprehensive advice will ensure that a holistic approach is taken and a safe cycling network can be built.

The city takes the lead on the project and assumes all responsibilities and construction processes. TUMI supports by providing technical expertise through specialists. In addition, TUMI can procure the necessary materials for the construction measures.

Intended impact

Kick-off for good cycling infrastructure in the city

Gaining expertise of local policy making how to support cycling infrastructure

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