COVID challenge Belo Horizonte

EcoZone Santa Tereza Project: Public space and cycling improvement

Sustainable mobility is adressed in many different projects with our partners World Resources Institute, Wuppertal Institute, the city of Belo Horizonte and UN Habitat.

In short

1 km of bike lane

1 open space

1 speed 30 zone

Large awareness and campaigning event to promote cycling in the area

The challenge

The city of Belo Horizonte is striving for a people-centred design of the city districts. As part of the measures implemented for this purpose, speed 30 zones were already piloted in various parts of the city last year, and the cycle path network was analysed and an expansion planned. The COVID 19 pandemic changed the mobility patterns and needs of the population and cycling in particular became an essential means of transport. The relevance of public spaces also became more apparent.

The pilot

Solutions for safe and accessible public life become more important. Speed 30 zones increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, and the redesign of public spaces enables social public life while taking hygiene and safety standards into account. The construction of temporary bicycle lanes and the associated filling of gaps in the bicycle lane network ensures the mobility of all parts of the population in times of crisis.

Our part would be to pilot a pathway from a neighborhood to the main cycling artery into town, which will allow many men and women to travel safely to work by bike.

Intended Impact

Increased appreciation for cycling

More people are encouraged to cycle instead of taking crowded public transport

Open space to allow citizens to enjoy social events at a save distance

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