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Welcome to the TUMIVolt Charging Station! We are very pleased, to have launched our new webinar series on e-mobility. As part of the BMZ project TUMIVolt we will be holding regular webinars on all things related to e-mobility to give you the full picture on challenges and opportunities that come with e-mobility solutions.

EPISODE 9 - JUNE 28TH 2021

Monitoring E-Bus Operations

Many cities are heading towards full electrification, further many cities in China have already concluded their full electrification and have completed the first service lifecycle of the E-Buses.

In this episode of the TUMIVolt Charging Station we discuss on:

  • Operation efficiency parameters (OEP) for E-Bus projects
  • OEP to be considered while planning and tendering of E-Bus projects
  • Challenges & Good Practices from E-Bus Operations in China

Guest Speaker:

Lulu Xue, Urban Mobility Manager at WRI China

Monitoring E Bus Operations

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EPISODE 8 - MAY 6TH 2021

Software based planning of E-Bus Projects

The electrification of urban bus fleets is considered an important element in the decarbonization of urban transport. It also helps to reduce local air pollution and increase the quality of life in urban areas. Several public and private bus operators have already committed to electrify their fleet in this decade.

In TUMI’s latest episode of the TUMIVolt Charging Station we had the following discussion points:

  • Selecting right project concepts & optimized charging solutions
  • Comparing TCO considering technical & operational aspects
  • Identify economic efficiency of digital services
  • Optimize operation & Control

Guest Speaker:

  • Philipp Sinhuber, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ebusplan

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Electrifying Informal Transportation in India

India is the world’s largest three-wheeler market. However, due to a growing concern over air pollution in India, the government is pushing the automobile industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

In this episode of the TUMIVolt Charging Station we had the following discussion points:

  • Overview of the informal transportation in India
  • Why electrify informal transportation ?
  • National & Sub-National policies
  • Challenges to electrification
  • Financing Solutions
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Public Charging Infrastructure Tendering

Charging infrastructure is key when implementing sustainable e-mobility projects like e-buses, electric 2-3 wheelers etc.

In this episode of the TUMIVolt Charging Station our guest speaker Laurens van Mourik (EV Consult) presented his know-how in the fields of technology selection, location identification, tasks for tendering and important tender parameters.

His case study examples and key learnings from different cities complemented the webinar with firsthand experience.

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Technology Neutrality: Zero Emission Bus Selection

Welcome to the TUMIVolt Charging Station - Your go-to-place for e-mobility know-how:

In this Episode of the TUMIVolt Charging station, we took a closer look towards the question "How Public transport companies could select Emission free Bus technology? In this episode we discussed:

  • Technology Neutrality
  • Push & Pull factors for Zero Emission Bus Promotion
  • Zero Emission Bus Technologies & Life Cycle Costs Assessment of different Technologies
  • How is Germany promoting Zero Emission Buses?
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The battle for e-mobility Part 2: Batteries or Hydrogen?

Part 2 of the webinar took place on September 16, 2020. Here we discussed for which applications the Battery Electric Vehicle Technology promises the greatest potential. Prof. Dr Martin Doppelbauer, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), presented his views on the "battle of e-mobility technologies".

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The battle for e-mobility Part 1: Fuel cell technology

In this Episode of the TUMIVolt Charging station, we were take a closer look towards this "battle for e-mobility". The episode was split into two parts.

This is the recording of Part 1, which took place on 24 August 2020 and looked at the potential of fuel cell technology for sustainable mobility applications. As our guest speaker, we welcomed Prof. Dr Jürgen Garche, who has more than 40 years experiences in the field of fuel cells and batteries. Among others, he formerly worked as Director of the Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Division of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) and Deputy Speaker of the Advisory Board of the German National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH).

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EPISODE 2 - JUNE 17TH 2020

Future Battery Materials

Together with guest speaker Dr. Ingo Bardenhagen from the Fraunhofer Society we discussed, if solid state batteries are a game changer for electric mobility. Learn more about future battery materials and next generation batteries.

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Raw Materials for Global Battery Production – Challenges and Opportunities

This is the recording of our first webinar on raw materials for EV Batteries which took place on 19 March 2020, 3 - 4 pm CET. Thanks to all participants and viewers for an very active discussion. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on all steps of the EV supply chain. Looking forward to charging up your e-mobility know how! Electrifying greetings from the TUMIVolt.

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