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TUMI is supporting cities in achieving their sustainable mobility goals through the TUMI Challenges

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TUMI Challenges

Cities in developing countries and emerging economies face bigger challenges than ever before. Innovation is no longer optional; it is necessary so cities can continue to deliver results and improve life of their residents.

200k TUMI Challenges

From 2018-2021, the Global Urban Mobility Challenge supported cities around the world with up to EUR 200k for their innovative pilot projects to start the urban mobility transformation.The TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge, sponsored by BMZ, is an initiative to support local leaders in their mobility transformation efforts.

Covid Challenges

Through the TUMI COVID Challenges, cities receive the urgent support they require. With cycling as a mode of transport having proven particular resilience throughout challenging times, many of the TUMI COVID Challenges focus on promoting and improving the urban cycling networks. This way, the TUMI COVID Challenges do not only ensure resilient urban mobility systems, they also accelerate the sustainable mobility transformation!

COVID Challenges

COVID Challenge Cuenca, Ecuador

Emergency bike lanes, safely designed in Cuenca

COVID Challenge Mombasa, Kenya

POP-UP Pedestrianization

COVID Challenge Singra, Bangladesh

E-mobility public transport improvement project

COVID Challenge Liberia

Awareness raising through public broadcasting of COVID and road safety

COVID challenge Belo Horizonte

Public space and cycling improvement

COVID Challenge Guayaquil, Ecuador

Cycling infrastructure for Guayaquil

Featured TUMI Challenge Projects

Safetipin App for Bogotá, Colombia

More safety in public spaces and transport for women

Open Streets in Cape Town, South Africa

A catalyst for non-motorized transport

Mobility Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya

Supporting start-ups in the field of sustainable mobility

E-Rickshaws in Singra, Bangladesh

A public transport and health service for Singra

Bicycle Sharing Program in Hoi An City, Vietnam

First steps towards shared mobility

Safe Cycling in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Abeba City Government Transport Program's Management Office

Digital solutions for Bus services, in the Cairo New Cities, Egypt

Increasing bus service quality and efficiency

Ebikes4Windhoek, Namibia

Energy Efficient Mobility to support Sustainable Cities

Jinja Market Traffic Management Improvement Pilot, Uganda

Creating an eco-friendly, safe and inclusive loading zone

Inclusive Streets, Inclusive Communities in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Participatory neighborhood street design in Banjarmasin

Re-imagining Fort Kochi, India

Moving people towards improved access and safety

Green City Journey Planning App in Nagpur, India

Increasing public transport ridership in Nagpur through a platform

Re-Cycle in Fortaleza, Brazil

Tricycles for recyclable waste pickers

Muévete Trujillo, Peru

Promotion of the recovery of public space and the use of non-motorised transport

Get to School Sustainably! Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Shifting modal split at Zhytomyr's public schools from motorized towards sustainable modes of transport

Improving Walkability in Lagos, Nigeria

The Lagos Sidewalk Challenge

Mobility App for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The "Dar City Navigator"

Shared 3-wheeler Electric Transport in El Kelaa des Sraghna, Morocco

Shared transport system with 25 e-tricycles for transport of goods

  • Oluwaseun Sonoiki - TUMI Challenge 2018 Winner

    Oluwaseun Sonoiki - TUMI Challenge 2018 Winner

    „The sidewalk infrastructure project will increase the visibility of pedestrians, identifying their needs and steering a coordinated programme of investment that focuses on reducing accidents, encouraging walking and improving their environments.”

  • Marcela Guerrero Casas - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    Marcela Guerrero Casas - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    "The TUMI is taking us to a place we honestly never imagined!"

  • Binayak Kumar Chakraborty - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    Binayak Kumar Chakraborty - TUMI Challenge Winner 2018

    "The planet is warming and sea levels are rising. CO2 is emitted everywhere. It’s essential to take action against climate change. We can save our planet by reducing carbon emissions. TUMI is a great initiative because it not only developsimproved mobility, but it also plays an important role in reducing carbon and in building our capacities across different development sectors, including education and health."

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