Global Urban Mobility Challenge

Innovative mobility ideas can win up to 200k for realization

Winners will be announced at the International Transport Forum in May 2019!

TUMI's major financial commitment

Cities in developing countries and emerging economies face bigger challenges than ever before. Innovation is no longer optional; it is necessary so cities can continue to deliver results and improve life of their residents.

With the Global Urban Mobility Challenge we support up to 10 cities with up to EUR 200k for your pilot project to start a mobility transformation in your city. The 2019 TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge, sponsored by BMZ is an initiative to support local leaders in their mobility transformation efforts.

Project Categories 2019


Innovative ideas to enable improved and sustainable logistics.

New Operating Models

Projects enabeling new collaborations of stakeholders.

Active Mobility

Projects enabling active mobility through tactical urbanism.


Innovative pilot projects leveraging electrified mobility.

Process 2019

Kickoff (October, 17th 2018)

The TUMI partners kick off the second Global Urban Mobility Challenge at TUMIs second birthday on October, 17th 2018.

Project preparation (October until December 2018)

The applicant cities prepare the project in collaboration with a TUMI partner.

Finalization of Application (Mid-December until December 21st, 2018)

The applicant cities finalize the submissions.

Submission deadline: December 21st, 2018

Jury Sessions (February 2019)

A jury consisting of one representative per TUMI partner selects the most promising projects.

International Transport Forum (May 2019)

The winners will be presented at the International Transport Forum in May 2019.

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